ESOL blogs

BBC Learning English has two blogs. One blog is updated by a student and the other blog by an English language teacher.
Nik's Daily English Activities
This site is for autonomous EFL | ESL learners. Here you can find simple online activities that you can do each day to help improve your English and digital literacy
A site which links to a number of EFL blogs -
Observations on the use of Web 2.0 tools for English Language Teaching & Learning
This link takes you to a discussion of why an EFL teacher may blog:'s ESL blog -
Ideas for using technology for teaching English language. 100 language blogs, 2008. through podcasts - a blog set up by an EFL teacher to support his students. - a wiki set up to become a compilation of language useful in different situations, both written and spoken.

ESOL wikis

Barcelona Summer 06 - This summer school project wiki was started in 2006 and has been added to ever since by subsequent summer school students. The students were asked to write articles about subjects that they were interested in. - This site, set up for English (Language Arts) students, shows how a class wiki can be created. The teacher has uploaded a variety of resources and information about the work in class. In addition, the site is used for students to collaborate with one another and to complete assignments related to their in-class readings.
This a a wiki about the novel Holes . It was edited by Year 8 students from an International School in Dubai. It really shows how much students can work on their own. The teacher's comments are worth reading.

Blog and wiki activities for ESL students

Ideas on how to get students to visit and comment on other students' pages.
This mini sagas wiki project was started by the Barcelona Teaching Centre as a competition between classes. Apart from the written stories, some of the minisagas were also recorded as mp3 files by the students