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How do I make a wiki?

wikispaceslogo.gif( offer add free and private wikis to schools for no charge.

This link takes you to a step by step video guide showing how to set up a wikispace just like this one. Use the 'Choose a tour' drop down menu to learn more.

Wiki platforms:

wikipedia.gif wikispaces.gif wetpaint.gif

The Teachers First website describe wikis and blogs in more detail along with lots of ideas for how to use them in the classroom.


How do I use a wiki?

The Teachers First website has lots of ideas but in my experience the most successful classroom based wikis are those that have the greatest level of student participation. The least successful are those that are created by teachers as a repository for worksheets.

The wikispaces help menu index gives access to more detailed instructions.

Hints, tips and explanations

createlogo.pngTo create a new wiki for classroom use make sure that you go to This will give you access to ad free wikis and private wikispaces without paying.

Wiki Name

The wiki name becomes part of your web address and so needs to have no spaces (use underscore if you need to) and capital letter will be changed to lowercase.

Wiki Permissions

A public wiki can be viewed and edited by anyone - although you can lock pages to prevent changes. The advantage is that nobody needs a wikispaces username or password, so parents and others can view your class wiki.

A protected wiki can be viewed by everyone but only members of this wiki can make changes. This is useful when you want to see who has made changes or added content - their username will be listed on the 'History' page. When all users have individual usernames you will find it much easier to hold online discussions on your wiki.

A private wiki can only be viewed by its members so they are ideal for activities where you would like students to post personal details and photographs of themselves.

Wiki Type

Make sure that you select K-12 from the drop down menu.

Undoing changes

Don't worry about having your wiki open for others to make changes. If you do not like what they have done you can simply reset your wiki to how it looked at a previous date or time. Click on the History page to do this.

Creating accounts for your students

Students can create their own accounts at or you can simply create a whole class set and issue everyone with a username and password. Once you have created your wiki click on the Manage Space button (top left of your page) and choose
icon_32_user_creator.pngUser Creator
Hint: If your students create their own usernames and then request permission to join your wiki make sure you tell them to include their real name in the request message. That way you can record usernames against real names in your mark book

Take control of the menu

The navigation bar on the left hand side of your wikipages is set to automatically create an alphabetical list of any pages that your create. At some stage you will find this frustrating and wish that you could organise it yourself. Its easy. Simply click on the 'edit navigation' link at the bottom of the menu and delete the include page list widget - the box that looks like this
Now you will need to manually create your menu and the links to your pages. Don't panic, its easy. Use thehyperlink.png button to make a hyperlink. If you type the name of an existing page and click on the link button it will automatically find the page - just click OK to make the link. If you type a page name that does not exist it will create the page for you.

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