Setting up a blog

Go to **** (this is the blog platform that I use but there are others, some of which have been set up for educational purposes).
  • Follow the on-line instructions.
  • Save the address to your favourites
  • Go to Settings: Permissions – this is where you can choose who has access to your blog (anybody, only people I choose, OR only blog authors).
  • Write an introduction.
  • Embed a video
  • Paste a link to a video
  • Use google docs to store documents and paste into your blog or screencast for videos

Other Blog platforms:

Resources to help you when setting up blogs with your students:

How Claire Amos at AGGS is using blogs with her Y11 students to prepare them for an NCEA English external assessment.

Using online tools to develop collaborative writing and peer assessment

Edublog Insights - a great blog showing what happens when you mix blogs and students.

How to Use Social-Networking Technology for Learning

An article by Fran Smith on why teachers should embrace networking, and how they can use it to improve education.

Blogs, Blogs Everywhere: Does Everyone Need an Internet Journal?

A blog entry by Jim Moulton looking at the benefits of using blogs.